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Proofreader Needed for Novel

Budget: Make an offer | Editing - Proofreading | Posted: 20 Day 3 Hour 17 Min Ago | 9 Proposals

I need a proofreader for my thesis novel, 'The Wicked Trees,' which I plan to self-publish soon. It's already been edited and I've read through it a dozen times and still find missed words, punctuatio... more

Posted By: wonderlandjack, Glendale, California

Line Editor needed for literary thriller

Budget: Make an offer | Editing - Proofreading | Posted: 34 Day 2 Hour 24 Min Ago | 12 Proposals

I have a 108,000-word long-worked-over literary thriller with some sci-fi elements and need a strong line editor to check for typos, mistakes, plot and detail inconsistencies in the manuscript. I'm no... more

Posted By: Cloneofmyclone, Forest Hills, New York

Branding Identity for legal professional

Budget: Make an offer | Other | Posted: 38 Day 21 Hour 30 Min Ago | 3 Proposals

I am seeking assistance with my personal branding. I am an attorney who works with small businesses, particularly women owned businesses and/or minority owned businesses, offering legal and complianc... more

Posted By: cherk, Brooklyn, New York

Editing Memoir Short Stories

Budget: Make an offer | Editing - Proofreading | Posted: 41 Day 4 Hour 51 Min Ago | 9 Proposals

I am a writer working on fictionalized memoir. I am looking for an editor to help with grammar, punctuation, spelling, transitions between paragraphs, as well as some assistance with reworking secti... more

Posted By: Olga Aura, San Francisco, California

Graduate Student Needs Resume Assistance

Budget: Make an offer | Editing - Developmental Editing | Posted: 43 Day 9 Hour 27 Min Ago | 3 Proposals

Hello! I am currently in the middle of a career change, and could use some help writing my resume to try to land some internships and or employment. The field I am departing is education and the fie... more

Posted By: Budding.Historian59, Quincy, Massachusetts

Copy Editor

Budget: $1.00 | Editing - Proofreading | Posted: 49 Day 20 Hour 43 Min Ago | 3 Proposals

Editor needed to correct commas, grammatical errors word choices

Posted By: AJHarper, Oakland, California


Budget: $1000.00 | Writing - Other | Posted: 54 Day 22 Hour 43 Min Ago | 2 Proposals

Hello, Am in need of an Article writer.Someone to write Historical Articles.These are Articles based on US history..I have the list here with me. The Articles are just 15 in all and they are onl... more

Posted By: joseph123, downey, California

Writing Blurbs

Budget: Make an offer | Writing - Other | Posted: 61 Day 5 Hour 34 Min Ago | 8 Proposals

I have a catalogue of over 40 books. I want a writer that can write blurbs for all my books. The initial job will be for only 5 books. They are in the erotica genre. Therefore, if you have no experi... more

Posted By: KerryTaylor2012, Madrid, Alberta

"I'm Not Creative"

Budget: Make an offer | Editing - Copy Editing | Posted: 72 Day 6 Hour 12 Min Ago | 8 Proposals

I wrote this book for two reasons: 1) To prove to you that creativity is a gift given to every human being; it’s not some magic trait only a few possess. AND 2) To inspire you to start living... more

Posted By: wundermuse, Atlanta, Georgia

Cover art for novel

Budget: Make an offer | Creative - Cover Design | Posted: 83 Day 16 Hour 2 Min Ago | 2 Proposals

I am looking for a photo-realistic design for the cover of my debut thriller. The elements I would like in the design are: - a sailboat tacking/leaning hard in a storm - ominous clouds, raging waves... more

Posted By: glenrobins, Danville, California
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