A Writer.ly Farewell

Three years ago, two passionate writers got together based on a common idea: to help writers find the freelancers they needed to get their work polished and published. Their idea turned into a website called Writer.ly, a site that became a wonderful resource to many. In the process, these two passionate writers went on an incredible ride. They learned the ins-and-outs of running a start-up, met many wonderfully talented writers, editors, designers and other publishing professionals, found 15 minutes of fame with Guy Kawasaki, Shawn Welch, Peg Fitzpatrick, Hugh Howey, and many other indie publishing rockstars, convinced an incredible group of equally passionate investors to join our parade, and found others willing to work hard despite our inability to provide a paycheck.

Like many start-ups based on a passion, the reality of finding a sustainable business model proved elusive and the day has come for the Writer.ly marketplace to shut its doors. We are sad to disappoint you, the freelancers and writers who made Writer.ly possible and helped us fulfill the dream of being a wonderful resource, but the future of indie publishing is bright and there are now many resources to help you through the sometimes overwhelming process of self-publishing a book.

We will keep Writer.ly’s marketplace available for the completion of any ongoing projects until April 26th and will then go offline. You will continue to be able to access PubChat at it's new home: indiepubchat.com and can still find us on Twitter @writerlytweets.

Thank you for all your support for the past three years. Wishing you all great success in your publishing endeavors and hope you “Publish Happy.”


Abigail Carter, CEO, Writer.ly